PENICILLIUM CANDIDUM (Penicillium camemberti)

Used to obtain the typical white in cheese like Brie or Camembert. Following several features of this bacteria:

  • consumption of lactic acid with rising pH and typical aroma development;
  • promotion of ripening process thank to proteolytic properties that help development of typical flavour compounds;
  • rapis growth and competition undesidered molds;
  • high salt tollerance;
  • optimum growth between 20 and 25°C with U.R. up to 85% (in cold room between 10 and 14°C).

*Anti Mucor


  • thin surface, white color;
  • influence on surface appearence;
  • Neutralized acdity on surface by consuming lactate, contributing to development of structure and stimulating the acid sensitive flora;
  • help composition of surface structure and stabilize proteolysis (less then penicillium);
  • help to reduce bitterness and produce aromatic compounds;
  • three types:
    • yeasts appearence, poor mycellium and low proteolytic activity, cream color;
    • intermediate type;
    • mold appearence, high proteolysis.


Selected strains for blue cheese