DAIRY AND FOOD SRL is a company that improves best quality and technological solutions for dairy and food industry.
Our products list includes:

  • Starter cultures for cheese, yogurt and fermented milk;
  • Ripening cultures;
  • Animal rennet, Microbial Rennet, Vegetal Rennet and FPC;
  • Bioprotection cultures;
  • Processing aids;
  • Enzymes;
  • Food Additives;
  • Milk and whey protein;
  • Surface treatment for cheese.

We offer customizations of starter cultures for direct inoculation in milk for ensure continuous improvement of production processes: this is the right way to achieve the most efficient results.

We do more attention for mixture of lactic acid bacteria which can accelerate the cheese ripening and consequently the enter into the market of the product.

Study of the various phases of the transformation process to advise the best quality and cost optimisation technology.

More ingredients, One Team, our present will be your future! 

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